Writer’s Toolbox: Lindy Beige

Lindy Beige

Good Monday, writing buddies. This is the second installment in my Writer’s Toolbox series of blog posts. Today I’ve scoured my ridiculously large bookmarks folder and found a truly wonderful link to share with you: the Lindy Beige Youtube channel.

The star of this show is an unassuming British guy and his videos are:

“Largely me, talking to the camera, often brandishing something ancient or medieval, and voicing opinions which people seem to find interesting enough even when they disagree with them.”

But Lindy Beige doesn’t just share any old opinions. No, he shares some really interesting and valuable insights into medieval weapons and armour.

If you’ve ever written a character who carries his sword on his back, you want to watch this video. In fact, there’s a funny, snarky video for just about any weapon you might want to include in your fantasy (or historical) novel.

I’m kinda sticky about getting facts straight in my writing, and I find Lindy Beige’s videos really helpful for getting military facts straight.

That’s it for today, I hope you find Lindy Beige as interesting and useful as I do.

Do you have any Writer’s Toolbox Requests? You can share those in the comments too. 

Until next time, happy writing.

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