The history of The Dragon Shield

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The Dragon Shield began as a stand-alone novel, a YA adventure fantasy, which I titled The Dragon Targe. This was my very first book that I ever finished writing. Oh I was so proud of it!

It was a little story about a boy who discovered another world that he could enter through his computer. He brought some friends in along with him, some scary things happened to them, they learned some lessons about being honest, and then they went home.

I took the story to some critique groups, had a few editors look at it, and went to two writer’s conferences, ms in tow. By the time I got home, there were so many red marks scribbled on the front and back of the  pages I wasn’t sure what to do. It wasn’t until I had a phone conference with an editor and college professor that I realized I had to start over.

Not only had I been confused with the POV (point of view), and made many grammatical errors, but the story itself left too many questions.

What was the Realm? Why did Ian go there? What is the significance of this other world? What is the theme, or the premise of the story?

I knew the answers to those questions in my mind. But I hadn’t quite learned how to write them in a novel. So I read some more books on writing and decided to do a prequel to explain everything that I had left out. That’s when Deception Peak came into being. And believe me, I remodeled that story many times as well.

Eventually, I had a fairly decent manuscript with Deception Peak. But the Dragon Shield no longer fit with it.

I had to  lay that that one to rest. I remember the day I made that decision. I wrote on my blog a little memorial:

My original manuscript for this book is obsolete.

I had the story finished, but when I wrote it I thought it was the first book. Boy was I surprised. Everyone at my writers group, the fine people who did a once through on the first draft, and others, kept asking me about the Realm…where was it and what was it and how did it come to be. There was so much backstory to write that I decided to write another book to come before this one. Well, I did. The Dragon Targe: Deception Peak. And now that it’s done…I have to change the second book. The genereal thesis will be there…or maybe not. But we’re going to stick with Ian’s POV and a lot more is going to happen. Thank you to all who read the old version. I might just keep it as a token first novel.

The Dragon Shield Itself

Hence, the real Dragon Shield was able to come to life.

And now the literary history of The Dragon Shield

From the short stories The Patriarch of The Realm, you’ll learn about a wizard named Kaempie, who fled from the magical island of Taikus with four other young wizards. The wicked queen Hacatine was seeking to rob them of their powers. Kaempie was the oldest of the four, a healer. He had promised to take care of the others. But fate separated them.

Kaempie was the only one of the four who made it to their destination -a land inhabited by primitive men. Fearing that Hacatine would find him, he gave his powers to the only force that could defeat the evil queen, the Northern Winds.

Kaempie developed a friendship with the tribe of men that lived in the forest. The Winds of the North used the powers that Kaempie had sacrificed to create the Songs of Wisdom. The tribe discovered that The Songs of Wisdom could protect their village from the sorcery of Deception Peak, and the brutal attacks of the dragon, when the children sang their chorus, thus creating The Dragon Shield.

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