The Colour of Tears is published in SQ Magazine!

Cover of Issue 12 of SQ MagHappy New Year and all that!

I’ve started 2014 off in the best possible way with a publication on the very first day. OK, I sold the story a few months ago, but you can read it right now!

The Colour of Tears is one of my favorite stories so far. The Painter gives grieving parents a second chance to love their children, for a price. What happens when his own debt collector can’t pay the price?

Issue 12 of SQ Mag is available free online. I’m particularly proud to be published here because I love the kinds of stories they publish. They are all thought-provoking and push the boundaries in one way or another.

I hope you enjoy The Colour of Tears and all the other stories in the magazine. While you’re over there, why not subscribe? It’s totally free!

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