The attack of Nickolaus A. Pacione

The “A” stands for “asshole”.

A while ago I read about one Nickolaus A. Pacione and how he had embarked on a terrible crusade to slander and attack a fellow author. This guy is disgusting, he says some truly disgusting things. And he makes threats, lots of them.

I first heard of him on a blog by KH Koehler, titled The Return of Nickolaus Pacione. If that sounds like a horror story, that’s because it is. At the time I made the following comments on the blog:






This morning, well over a year later, this asshole messaged me on my Facebook author page. I’ve taken screenshots of the entire conversation and I am going to show them here so that his threats are forever available. If he should try and accuse me of plagiarizing his work, let it be known that I did no such thing.

I realise that I’m opening myself up to a shit storm from this asshole, but I’m not going to let him bully me. No matter what horrible things he says to me or about me, I will not let him silence me with threats. This kind of behaviour is not acceptable. Naughty corner!

I will keep this page up to date should the asshole make any further threats.

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Update 07 November 2014:

Nicky P dropped in to leave this incredible insult yesterday.




Wow! What an original insult Nicky, you truly are a master of the written word. Oh, no, sorry. You’re an idiot.


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