Angela’s fictional writing tends towards the dark and scary. Zombies, vampires (not the sparkly kind) and sea monsters lurk within these halls, chased into the corners by the evil that lurks within the human heart.

For more information, contact the author on angela{at}meadon.co.za.

Latest Release


Strong Medicine

Available in Kindle and paperback from Amazon.com.

Erin du Toit’s 9-year old daughter has been kidnapped by Johannesburg’s most powerful witchdoctor. Can Erin save her child before she’s chopped up for muthi?

“Strong Medicine is an unsettling and engrossing jaunt through the high streets and back alleys of Johannesburg. Filled with memorably kick-ass women, a poignant take on suspended grief, and a plot that will keep you on your toes, this is the perfect book for late nights and bad dreams.”
-Katy Lees, Dirge Magazine



Dead ends Medium

Dead Ends and Sharp Bends

Available in Kindle and paperback from Amazon.com.

A collection of 9 dark fiction short stories including Her Harlequin Baby, which won the Inkitt End Game horror competition in August 2015. This collection spans horror, post-apocalypse, dark fantasy, and folk lore stories.

Praise for Her Harlequin Baby:

“Angela Meadon delivers a dark, visceral, deeply human story. In very few words, she manages to convey the pain of what should be a joyful moment turned horrific and sad. The ending, while heart-wrenching is inevitable and perfect. Well done.”

-Ken MacGregor


Cover art for A Taste of YouA Taste Of You

Published by Damnation Books

The demons in your head just crawled out of their graves. The undead have risen from their graves. Robin, Carla, and Dylan must try and escape the city and make their way to a secluded nature reserve. Robin is haunted by dreams of her younger brother who died by her own hand a year ago. Will they make it to safety? Will Robin be able to overcome her guilt? Who will survive the rising of the dead?

Available at: Amazon.com, Barnes&Noble,

Short Stories


Who doesn’t feel their skin crawl when they think about a haunted hospital? Come along with Sarah and Brendon as they find more than they expected while exploring the Khayalami Hospital.

Download Khayalami Hospital(PDF) now.




Blood in the Congo

Jackson Cook, renowned monster hunter, travels to the dark forests of the Congo to search for a cryptid that has been snatching locals and devouring them in the trees of the forest. Jackson has no idea that what he will find will test his physical and mental strength and shake him to the very core.

Available Now on Amazon.com



The Patient

This short story explores a man’s experience of waking up in hospital with no memory of who he is or how he got there.

Available now on Amazon.com.


Anthologies & Magazines

Angela’s work appears in a number of anthologies of short fiction:


Dark Fairy Tales Revisited

Published by Horrified Press.

My short story, Letters From The Devil, fits right in among these horrific retellings of the Grimm Brothers’s disturbing tales. Grab your copy at Amazon.com.




A Forest of Dreams

This anthology features a re-print of my short story, Intrepid Dawn, alongside 18 other fantasy tales from the members of the Fantastic Fantasy Writers Facebook page. It is currently on pre-order on Amazon.



Cover of Issue 12 of SQ Mag

SQ Magazine, Volume 12

My story, The Colour of Tears, is available in the January 2014 volume of SQ Magazine. You can read it now, free of charge.





Ugly Babies Volume I

Published by James Ward Kirk Publishing

My short story, Tiger Tiger, found a happy home among the other ugly babies featured in this anthology. The book is available through Amazon.



Cover Art: Rotting Tales

Rotting Tales – A Zombie Anthology

Published by Pill Hill Press (Nebraska).

Unfortunately, Pill Hill Press has gone out of business. My short story from this anthology, The Patient, is available through Amazon (see above).



Cover Art: Leather, Denim & Silver

 Leather, Denim & Silver

Published by Pill Hill Press (Nebraska)

Unfortunately, Pill Hill Press has gone out of business. My short story from this anthology, Asanbosam, has been re-titled Blood in the Congo and is available through Amazon (see above).



Cover Art: The Trigger Reflex

The Trigger Reflex

Published by Pill Hill Press (Nebraska)

Jackson Cook makes a return to monster hunting when he travels to a stranded ship and is confronted by a Lovecraftian monster.

Unfortunately, Pill Hill Press has gone out of business. My short story from this anthology, Intrepid Dawn, will be available through Amazon shortly.