Ijen volcano blue flame

Ijen volcano blue flame

Ijen Crater, East Java : Volcano, Acid Lake and Blue

Blue Flame At 01:00am drive a short way ( paltuding ) to the start of the trail that lead up to the active beautiful crater of Kawah Ijen volcano ( 2 hours walking ) with its famous blue acid lake ( actually the most acid in the world ) and the hot partly liquid sulphur

Ijen volcano Blue flame and sunrise in a crater

The Ijen volcano Blue flame and sunrise in a crater The world's largest acidic lake atop Ijen volcano one of the great natural wonders of Indonesia. The gases emerge from fumaroles (hot vents) in the volcano at high pressure and temperature.

Indonesia: Kawah Ijen Volcano Erupts with Electric-Blue

Kawah Ijen volcano in Indonesia erupted with electric blue lava at night. Netizens were left mesmerized with pictures and videos of blue lava trickling down the slopes. The rare phenomenal sight of Kawah Ijen volcano oozing blue lava, enters the bucket list of travel enthusiasts and photographers whenever the COVID-19 lockdown lifts.

Video Indonesia Volcano erupts with electric blue lava

In an eerily mesmerizing view, Kawah Ijen volcano in Indonesia erupted with electric-blue lava that can often be seen streaming down the mountain at night, attracting crowds of tourists and ...


Ijen Blue Flame Tour Mount Ijen is one of many destinations in Banyuwangi. Many tourists come to Banyuwangi only to see the blue flame or blue fire in Mount Ijen. The scene from the rim of Mount Ijen (2800m) is among the very good to be had in Indonesia. Restricted by steep ravine, its crater holds a 200-meter-deep lake

Kawah Ijen Crater Sunrise Hike + Blue Flame Two

This volcano + acid lake + blue flame combination makes the Ijen Crater hike a bucket list experience that is unlike anything youve ever seen. Seriously, there isnt anywhere in the world quite like it.

Kawah Ijen Volcano - Geology

Kawah Ijen Volcano, on the island of Java, Indonesia has two of the most unusual occurrences on Earth. The first is an active solfatara that emits hot, flammable sulfurous gases. These ignite as they enter Earth's oxygen-rich atmosphere and burn with an electric blue flame.

The Dark Secret of Kawah Ijen, Indonesias Blue Fire

21/2/2014· My Ijen Blue Fire Travelogue Blue Sunday The Kawah Ijen blue fire volcano became a non-negotiable part of my Indonesia trip the moment I learned of its existencelargely, Im not ashamed to admit, because my favorite color is blue. It is for this reason that I kept ...

Kawah Ijen: blue fire from burning sulfur - YouTube

18/9/2015· Burning sulfur on Kawah Ijen volcano in Indonesia. Fumaroles wind on daily 10 tons of volcanic gases from which condensed sulfur. The liqid sulfur is so hot ...

Bromo Sunrise, Ijen Volcano Blue Fire Tour

Bromo Sunrise Tour Package, Ijen Volcano Blue Fire Tour, Borobudur Prambanan Tour Package Yogyakarta City Tour Kawah Ijen Blue Flame Tour Package THE AMAZING JOURNEYS IsunOsing - Trip Leader and Transportation. Wa are Bali and Java Tour ...

Discover Java, Indonesia's Blue-Flamed Volcano; Kawah

Kawah Ijen (pronounced: kawa eejen) is located on the island of Java in Indonesia. After reading about it, I knew that no matter how out of the way it might be, I needed to see this blue-flamed beauty.But what makes this volcano more interesting than any other

A Guide to Hiking Indonesia's Blue Flame Volcano:

Kawah Ijen is an extremely rare volcano that actually erupts electric blue flames from its crater. But the catch is, its only visible at night! That means in order to see it, you have to wake up in the middle of the night, drive to the base of the volcano, and hike up in complete darkness.

Ijen: Hiking to the Volcano Crater and the Blue Fire - The

Ijen volcano has a sulphuric crater and is one of East Javas prized attractions. The main draw to a visit to Ijen is the blue flame which is produced by the sulphuric fumes.Although the flame burns throughout the day, night time is the only way to experience this ...

Why Does This Indonesian Volcano Burn Bright Blue?

"This blue glow, unusual for a volcano, isn't the lava itself, as unfortunately can be read on many websites," Grunewald says. "It is due to the combustion of sulfuric gases in contact with air at ...

Mount Ijen, Indonesia The Blue Fire Volcano - YouTube

10/3/2017· Mt Ijen, Indonesia and the quest for the blue fire, as the locals call it. Watch to discover Mt Ijen and it's sulphuric fumes, sulfur-collecting workers, aci...

Mount Ijen: Hiking the Blue Flame Volcano in Indonesia

Sarah - thenomadicdreamer.com Mount Ijen: Hiking the Blue Flame Volcano in Indonesia 12.19.2016 Previous Next [:es]Utilizamos cookies propias y de terceros para ofrecerte una mejor experiencia y servicio, de acuerdo a tus hábitos de navegación. Si ...

Ijen Tours, Ijen BlueFlame Tour Banyuwangi ,Yogyakarta

Welcome To Ijen BlueFlame Tour Banyuwangi We are Private Day Tour organizer specialized ijen crater and Bromo Tours with Reasonable price and profesional way to guiding your adventure in east java, yogyakarta and bali area. Ijen BlueFlame Tour Banyuwangi believe in supporting our local communities and are committed to giving a voice to self-employed guides who have chosen Banyuwangi as their ...

Mount Bromo, Blue Flame Ijen Crater, Paragliding Tour 4

Mount Bromo, Blue Flame Ijen Crater, Paragliding Tour 4 Days started from Surabaya International Airport in the morining, and drop off Surabaya again at afternoon around 05.00 PM.This tour itinerary provided for Our clients to explore Java Island tourism package between the most popular volcano and paragliding tour at Malang.

Blue Flame Ijen Crater Volcano BROMO EAST JAVA

4/6/2016· Blue Flame Ijen Crater Volcano is one of the wonder of the world that appears all night inside of Ijen Volcano, Most visitors enjoy the beauty of Blue Flame Kawah Ijen for their photography. They are also curious to know about the process of this flame they are ...

Mount Ijen: get to see the blue flames in Indonesia

The blue flames of the Ijen volcano Contrary to what you can sometimes read on the web, the climb to the edge of the crater is not at all difficult. It takes about 1 hour and a half to climb the 3 km.

Blue Flame Ijen Tour; the Dangerous Volcano with The

Blue flame ijen is definitely must visit place in East Java, along with mt Bromo. Ijen is ethereal looking volcano with blue lava coming out from its crater Blue Flame Ijen and Turquoise Lake Indonesia is dangerously beautiful. Blue Flame Ijen is one of the most famous destinations for adventurers. ...

Ijen Plateau Blue Flame Tour from Banyuwangi - Blue

Besides the view from the top of Ijen Plateau, we can see the most outstanding natural phenomenon of Blue flame that comes naturally from the volcano. We should go down to the crater to see the blue

Mount Ijen Tour From Bali - Ijen Blue Fire Private Trip

Mount Ijen Tour From Bali, a private guided trip to see the blue flame of Ijen and climb up to the rim of the crater and enjoy the beautiful sunrise. You Shouldnt miss doing Mount Ijen tour after your Bali trip, a volcano which is known for its beautiful crater lake.

Blue Flames in the Kawah Ijen Volcano, Indonesia

Ijen is a 20 kilometers wide caldera, which houses more volcanoes in it. One of them is the Kawah Ijen volcano, which is filled with sulfur. When it burns the blue flames appear the site is especially amazing at night. The Kawah Ijen Volcano, East Java, Indonesia..


4/11/2018· IJEN CRATER SUNRISE After the blue flame expedition, you head on further up and around the crater rim to the sunrise spot. It is an interesting spot because a huge mountain actually blocks most of the sunrise. There are some brick bunkers and structures to ...

Blue Flames at Ijen, East Java, Indonesia - Foodie Baker

Ijen Blue Flame See our itinerary and past posts for East Java here. The Ijen volcano, located in East Java, contains the worlds largest acidic volcanic crater lake, and is an active site for sulphur mining. It was our last hike before we head back home to Singapore.

This Volcano in Indonesia Produces Blue Flame - Culture

Ijen is an active volcano in Banyuwangi Regency, East Java. It has been recorded to erupt four times, with the last eruption happening in 1936. And even though the Ijen is not as popular as the neighboring Semeru, Bromo, and the like, the Ijen crater caldera is actually the largest in Java, not to mention the worlds largest high acidity lake on the top, and the famed blue flame.

Kawah Ijen, the Indonesian volcano that breathes blue

Exploring Kawah Ijen in Indonesia, the volcano that breathes blue fire. More on Times Travel You need to be fully prepared before embarking on your journey to find blue flames. Gas mask is the ...


Kawah Ijen Blue Fire is Top recommended volcano destination in East Java Indonesia. Ijen Crater offer amazing mesmerizing electric blue fire (Ijen Crater Blue Fire), streaming down the mountain during the night, a turquoise, tranquil, but highly toxic lake with a sunrise that leaves you in awe with various shades of pink and purple as a backdrop.

Kawah Ijen volcano in Indonesia spewing blue flames as

Kawah Ijen has also become a popular tourist attraction due to its unique blue flame and a two-hour hike is required to reach the rim of the crater followed by a 45-minute hike to the bank of the ...

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