Evaluation of a polymer injection pilot in argentina

Evaluation of a polymer injection pilot in argentina

Evaluation of Polymer-Injection Projects in Brazil - OnePetro

Abstract Petrobras has implemented three polymer injection pilot projects during the last two decades, in the onshore fields of Canto do Amaro (Rio Grande do Norte state), Carmópolis (Sergipe state) and Buracica (Bahia state), all of them in Northea

Effect of Polymer Adsorption on Permeability Reduction

In order to reduce the permeability to water or brine, there is a possibility of polymer injection into the reservoir. In the present work, special focus has been paid in polymer [partially hydrolyzed polyacrylamide (PHPA)] injection as a part of chemical method. Tests were conducted in the laboratory at the ambient temperature to examine the reduction in permeability to water or brine in the ...

Grimbeek -120 cp Oil in a Multilayer Heterogeneous

SPE-181210-MS Evaluation of a Polymer Injection Pilot in Argentina. In pp. 1920. [Google Scholar] Hryc, A. et al., 2013. SPE 166078 Design and Execution of a Polymer Injection Pilot in Argentina. ...

A review of enhanced oil recovery (EOR) methods applied

27/3/2020· In 2014 a new pilot project for polymer injection started, which consists of two injection wells and 23 production wells, with initial conditions of 90% water cut and 26.6% recovery factor. The selected polymer for this project was partially hydrolyzed polyacrylamide (HPAM), which resists water with high mineral content and high salinity.

Imaging and Image Analysis Applications for Plastics - 1st

Purchase Imaging and Image Analysis Applications for Plastics - 1st Edition. Print Book & E-Book. ISBN 9781884207815, 9780815518006 The broad collection of techniques gathered in this book help illustrate material/process/property relationships for a wide ...

Chemical flooding methods SPE

Chemical flooding is a major component of enhanced oil recovery processes and can be subdivided into micellar-polymer flooding and alkaline flooding. The general procedure includes a preflush (low-salinity water), a chemical solution (micellar or alkaline), a mobility buffer and, finally, a driving fluid (water), which displaces the chemicals and the resulting oil bank to production wells.

Agenda - SPE Virtual Improved Oil Recovery Conference -

Polymer Retention Evaluation In A Heavy Oil Sand For A Polymer Flooding Application On Alaska's North Slope D. Wang, C. Li, University of North Dakota; R.S. Seright, New Mexico Inst-Mining & Tech 1600-1630 200403

Pilot Field Trial of the EG95 Vaccine Against Ovine Cystic

Larrieu E, Herrero E, Mujica G, Labanchi JL, Araya D. et al. (2013) Pilot field trial of the EG95 vaccine against ovine cystic echinococcosis in Rio Negro, Argentina: Early impact and preliminary data. Acta Trop 127: 143:151. doi: 10.1016/j.actatropica.2013.04.009

Polymers Free Full-Text Application of Polysaccharide

As the polymer flooding may continue for years, the long-time interaction between the polymer and reservoir makes the screening and optimizing of polymer recipe extremely critical and complicated. To achieve successful polymer flooding, the operator faces a series of challenges such as polymer viscosity manipulation, formation damage, flooding compatibility, and polymer stability.

Polymer Product Processing Development Support

Polymer Product Processing Development Support Polymer product processing support includes compounding, extrusion and injection moulding services on a lab scale Polymer processing development with the aim of develop new products is a critical component of the polymer industry. process development can be a slow and expensive process if regular scale production facilities are used.

Dalia/Camelia Polymer Injection In Deep Offshore Field

The Polymer Injection Project on Dalia field, one of the main fields of Block 17 in deep offshore Angola, is a world first for both surface and subsurface aspects. Thorough geosciences and architecture integrated studies led to decide to phase the project, with a polymer injectivity test on one single well, followed by a continuous injection of polymer on one of the four subsea lines ...

Staatsolie's VISION 2030: the contributions of petroleum

19/9/2016· Polymer Pilot Injection Plant at the Tambaredjo Field. Fig. 16. Graph showing the incremental production after injection of polymer of various viscosities in pilot wells located in the Tambaredjo Field (Staatsolie internal report). Fig. 17. View of the new Staatsolie

SPE-174699-MS Dalia/Camelia Polymer Injection in Deep Offshore Field Angola Learnings and In Situ Polymer

a continuous injection of polymer on one of the four subsea lines delivering water to the field. The single well injectivity test on DAL-710 was completed first quarter of 2009, just two years after first oil. Very successful results led to launch a polymer injection pilot

Experimental Investigation of the Effect of Polymers on

The polymer floods of the viscous oils recovered much more oil than the waterfloods, with up to 24% lower oil saturation after the polymer flood than after the waterflood. The experimental data are in good agreement with the fractional-flow analysis by use of the assumptions that the true ROSs and endpoint relative permeabilities are the same for both water and polymer.

Agenda - SPE Virtual Latin American and Caribbean

Evaluation of Injection Performance Using Data from Fiber Optics Sensors, in Wells of a Polymer Flooding Test. Orinoco Basin, ... 199147 Combining Data Analysis and Simulation To Design the Largest Polymer Injection Pilot in Argentina D.G. Perez, M.D ...

Promising new arthritis treatment - The Horse Owner's

References: Evaluation of a polyacrylamide hydrogel in the treatment of induced osteoarthritis in a goat model: A randomized controlled pilot study, Osteoarthritis and Cartilage, April 2014; An international multi-centre prospective study on the efficacy of an

Technical survey of polymer flooding projects. [238

29/8/2020· @article{osti_5682998, title = {Technical survey of polymer flooding projects. [238 references]}, author = {Manning, R K and Pope, G A and Lake, L W and Paul, G W}, abstractNote = {A comprehensive survey of polymer flooding projects is essential to a thorough evaluation of enhanced oil recovery methods. ...

Energies Free Full-Text Chemical Flooding in Heavy-Oil

Heavy-oil resources represent a large percentage of global oil and gas reserves, however, owing to the high viscosity, enhanced oil recovery (EOR) techniques are critical issues for extracting this type of crude oil from the reservoir. According to the survey data in Oil & Gas Journal, thermal methods are the most widely utilized in EOR projects in heavy oil fields in the US and Canada, and ...

Petroleum & Petrochemical Engineering Journal

6/7/2017· evaluation for different polymer solutions. They reported bacterial control issues by means of severe near-wellbore degradation after 2-week shut-in period, as opposite to laboratory results. Primarily for this reason and the low ...

Key Aspects of Project Design for Polymer Flooding at

Polymer flooding is expected to boost the ultimate recovery of the field to more than 50% OOIP (10 to 12% more than conventional water flooding). The type of polymer used in Daqing is a high ...

ONGC places India on world map of heavy oil polymer

Significant oil recovery has been obtained by a pilot in ONGC Becharji heavy oil field in North ... 2019, the polymer injection process was initiated on April 15, 2019, i.e., 55 days ahead of ...

Polymer Injection Project in an Unconsolidated Sandstone in

7/8/2017· El Corcobo Norte Field (Neuquén Basin, Argentina) was selected for a polymer injection pilot that started early in 2012. Being an unconsolidated sandstone, medium-heavy oil reservoir, the field was developed through cold production with sand (CHOPS) and with

Survey and data analysis of polymer flooding pilot and field

criteria for polymer flooding has been updated by real pilot and field polymer flooding data. Multiple imputation method is also proposed and implemented on the original dataset

Simulation of Polymer Injection Under Fracturing

Title Simulation of Polymer Injection Under Fracturing ConditionsAn Injectivity Pilot in the Matzen Field, Austria Publication Type Journal Article Year of Publication 2015 Authors Zechner, M., T. Clemens, A. Suri, and M. M. Sharma Journal SPE Reservoir

A Review Of Over 100 Polymer Gel Injection Well

A Review Of Over 100 Polymer Gel Injection Well Conformance Treatments In Argentina And Venezuela: Design, Field Implementation and Evaluation Article ·

Development of a Field Scale Polymer Project in

Summary After 6 years of continous polymer injection in El Corcobo Norte field, pilot's preliminar evaluation showed promising results. Although the evaluation is still ongoing, polymer technology economics look good enough to sustain a project expansion.

Evaluation of a Short-Run Injection Molding Process with Somos

Evaluation of a Short-Run Injection Molding Process with Somos NanoForm 15120 Tooling Alexander K. Do University of California, Berkeley Department of Mechanical Engineering ABSTRACT A low-cost, short-run injection molding process was investigated using

Shear degradation model of HPAM solutions for the

13/5/2020· In polymer flooding operations, a control valve is generally installed on the wellhead of each well to regulate the injection pressure and flow rate (Husveg et al. 2019). However, it can be desirable to regulate the flow at different depths in the same well.

Optimization of polymer flooding design in

1/4/2017· Polymer injection started in September 2006 and finished in December 2012. The total amount of polymer solution is 0.6PV of the pilot. The injection pressure was less than fracturing pressure and kept steady. Oil production was increased by 13×10 4 t and.


pilot wells must be closely monitored for an accurate evaluation of the project. The information derived from a pilot is used to better evaluate the following: 1. Incremental oil recovery 2. Optimum pattern configuration 3. Saturation distributions

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