I Need Your Help


I started writing stories in grade 2, on pieces of paper torn out of my school books. I’ve come a long way in the *cough* twenty five years since then, and I haven’t stopped telling stories.

At about the same time as I started writing, my parents started teaching me a vital life-lesson for children growing up in South Africa: Don’t take sweets from strangers, don’t walk through the fields alone, or you’ll be kidnapped and chopped up for muthi.

Well, I grew up and had three children of my own, and I had to start worrying about the same thing. You see, here in Johannesburg, children go missing all the time, and a terrifying number of them are murdered for traditional medicine.


My writing brain took the fear of anything happening to my children, and the awful reality of muthi murder, and created Strong Medicine, a thriller set in Johannesburg, about a woman whose daughter is kidnapped by the city’s most notorious witch doctor.

Now, I want to share Strong Medicine with you, with everybody.

This is my dream. I’ve spent my entire life studying and practicing so that I can bring you a story that will excite you, that will keep you up all night turning pages, biting your lip, wondering what will happen next. I believe that Strong Medicine is that book.

So far I’ve gone through five drafts of this book. My beta readers have read it and loved it. I have a friend who is an insider in the publishing industry and he believes that Strong Medicine has great potential.

I’ve gone as far as I can go on hard work, determination, and coffee. I need expert help. And I’ve found expert help in the form of an editor who has been in the industry for 14 years. Michael Matheson has worked with publishers like ChiZine Publications, Ravenstone Press, Exile Editions, and Explicit Books. He’s a graduate of Clarion West (2014). Matheson has read the first chapter of Strong Medicine and agreed to edit the manuscript for me.

But, unfortunately, great help does not come cheap.

That’s where you come in. Please donate to this fund and help me achieve my dream? Just a couple of dollars is all I ask. Please click through to the fundraising site, and drop them in the kitty to help me achieve my dream.

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