Good news: Two short stories accepted for publication

I have some wonderful news to share! In the last week I’ve had two short stories accepted for publication.

Artwork for the Ugly Babies Anthology
Artwork for the Ugly Babies Anthology

Tiger, Tiger  will be in an anthology titled “Ugly Babies” which is being edited by Sydney Leigh and will be published by James Ward Kirk Fiction. This is an emotionally powerful horror story that touches on how a mother deals with the birth of her infant son, a baby who suffers from a rare genetic disorder. Things go from bad to worse as Genna tries to cope with her baby’s health problems and the consequences of her own actions. There is no set release date yet for this anthology.

Check out the Ugly Babies Facebook group for details on other stories and art that will be included in this book (and poetry, I think).

The Colour of Tears is the second story I sold. It will appear in the January 2014 issue of SQ Mag. When Barton’s young daughter dies from a terrible illness he has only one person to turn to; The Painter, a powerful magician whose living paintings serve as replacements for lost loved ones. Barton is faced with the loss of his beloved daughter, for a second time, when he fails to collect debts owed to The Painter. I consider this heart-wrenching, dark fantasy story to be some of my finest work and I am very pleased that it has found a home with SQ Mag. This story was inspired by a writing prompt in the Writing Excuses podcast, the prompt was “a magic system based on art”.

Stay tuned for release dates and further updates (I have two more stories still out on submission and I am hoping to get word back on those soon).


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