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61W5a9tclCL._SX150_Angela started writing stories when she was 8 years old. Her first story was about Indiana Jones and she wrote it on pages she tore out of her school books. She has come a long way since those early days. She invents her own heroes now, but she tries to keep the sense of passion and wonder that infused her early forays into the craft.

When she’s not herding her three children through the garden of their Johannesburg home, Angela surrounds herself with words in all their glorious forms. She is the submissions editor for an online magazine, the lead technical writer for a fast-growing software company, a dedicated author and a voracious reader.

She tends to write darker stories, and enjoys experimenting with genre. Horror and fantasy will always be her first loves (yes, she can have two), but she also enjoys science fiction and thrillers.


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4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. So I’m surfing the web and I come across this website of a young writer who has a lot of stuff going on, and obviously a lot of energy and a good feel for words. Suddenly my recruiting response kicks in.

    Have you thought about earning an MFA, Angela? I’m the assistant director of a low-residency program at Southern New Hampshire University. You work at home except for two short annual residencies, and at the end of two years you have a well-edited book MS, a network of agents/editors to plug into, and a good teaching credential. Take a look at us and let me know if you’re interested. And in any event, good luck!

    Rick Carey

    1. Hi Richard,

      Thank you very much for your compliments.

      I would love to come and study with you, however I live in South Africa and have two small children and a day job (which intrudes on my nights more and more).

      If you offered a long-distance program I might be able to consider it.

      Kind regards

  2. HI Angela. Just a quick note to say thanks for the mention re: Zenn Scarlett/Strange Chemistry and to offer up major kudos for this website & Skeptic Detective. As a cheerful atheist myself, I’m especially grateful for blogs like your SkepDet – will pass it along to all my similarly inclined friends. In fact, is it OK if I post a link on my FB page? Thanks and keep on keepin’ on!

    1. Hi Christian,

      It’s a pleasure 🙂
      Thank you for your compliments, you are welcome to share the SD blog with everybody!

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