A Taste of You: Inspiration

TheRoadIt’s nine days to go until A Taste of You, my novel of the zombie apocalypse set in South Africa, is released. I am super excited about getting this book on the shelves as it has been in production for a long time (read about my journey in writing the book).

Today I thought I would share some of the sources of inspiration that fueled my brain and produced this novel.

First and foremost, I have to give huge credit to World War Z by Max Brooks. This amazing portrayal of the zombie apocalypse is what got me hooked on the post-apocalypse genre, and the gruesome flesh-eaters in particular. A lot of my ideas for the behavior of the zombies comes from Brooks, although my explanation for them is probably the polar opposite of Brooks’ virus.

I read a lot of other books about the zombie apocalypse and I have to say that WWZ stands head-and-shoulders above the rest for skill and terror.

Secondly, Robert Kirkman’s incredible graphic novel, The Walking Dead, had me hooked from the very first issue. I have re-read the series now and am still amazed by Kirkman’s storytelling. Also, the way people die, suddenly and without remorse when they do stupid things. That’s what would happen in a real-life zombie apocalypse. People wouldn’t survive because the directors have put effort into making the audience like them. Shit happens, then you’re zombie food. I definitely incorporated this attitude into A Taste of You.

Both the book and movie versions of Cormac McCarthy’s The Road chilled me deeply. The unforgiving emptiness of the world, and the violent nature of ungoverned humans struck a chord in my mind. That’s what it would be like, I thought to myself and my novel reflects this. I’ve read a lot more McCarthy since and I am blown away by his work. My short story, Tribulation, is also quite heavily influenced by McCarthy.

Of course, I think that every novel I have read, and every movie I have watched, has some influence on my writing. But I think that these three sources form the foundation of A Taste Of You.

Come back tomorrow for The Patient, a short story based in the same timeline as A Taste Of You.


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