A Taste of You Cover Art

A few weeks ago I received the great news that my zombie apocalypse novel, A Taste of You, was accepted by Damnation Books and it will be published in December this year.

This morning, after filling out information sheets and signing contracts, I received the cover art for the novel. I think it is wonderful, what do you think?

Cover art for A Taste of You

The artist, Dawne Dominique, was wonderful to work with. She was very open to suggestions and extremely quick to return the cover with suggested changes (not that there were many).

I can’t wait to hold this beauty in my hands and put it on the shelf next to the other books that have my stories in them.

A Taste of You is my first novel. I have three short stories published in anthologies through Pill Hill Press and one self-published story (Tribulation).

My seven year old son keeps asking me what I want to be when he’s big. I keep telling him I want to be what I am right now: an author.


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