The Music Behind Strong Medicine

Way back in the beginning of 2014 when I started writing the first draft of Strong Medicine I had a distinct image in my mind of the aesthetic of the place I wanted to communicate to my readers. Yes, the book is set in Johannesburg, but it’s a darker, dirtier, more depraved version of the city I grew up in.

Almost “Gutter-punk”.

I had to find a way to get into that frame of mind every time I sat down to work on the novel, and what better way than with dirty, challenging music?

Enter Die Antwoord.

I’ve never been a fan of their music before. I mean, everybody knows Enter the Ninja, but more than that they never really struck a cord. Until I discovered this song.

And I knew, just knew, that this was what I needed. Dark, gritty, and challenging.

I also saw some of Erin’s character in Yolandi, which made it even easier to slip into gear when I started writing.

Here are two more of their songs which I think encapsulate the aesthetic of Strong Medicine in one way or another. I hope you enjoy them.

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