Strong Medicine


Erin du Toit’s 9-year old daughter has been kidnapped by Johannesburg’s most powerful witch doctor. Can Erin save her child before she’s chopped up for muthi?

Erin’s first instinct is to go to the police, but the South African Police Force is paralyzed by corruption and overwhelmed by hundreds of open cases. Cases just like Erin’s.

Erin delves into the dark underbelly of Johannesburg to find the man who took her daughter. When she realizes that the police are protecting him, she must decide between disobeying a violent police force and giving up on her daughter.

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Strong Medicine has received some very complimentary reviews:

Ashleigh – 5 Stars

“Well this one gut punched me with a real dose of home grown reality beautifully wound up in a brilliant story. Angela’s writing style made for effortless reading that had me drawn deep inside the world of these characters right from chapter one.”

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Magna – 5 Stars

“…Angela Meadon touches on our social conscience. Thousands of children are kidnapped annually around the world. It happens in plain sight and we walk around with our eyes wide shut. We need the Stiegg Larssons and the Angela Meadons of this world to tell us that this horror is real and, it is on the rise.
I would recommend Strong Medicine to anyone who likes to read about thought-provoking issues. Parents would easily identify with Strong Medicine because it mirrors our biggest fear: losing our children. It doesn’t matter what colour or creed, losing a child, steals a precious part of a parent’s soul. However, Strong Medicine is testament to the human spirit and the guts and gumption it takes to press on when those around you lose hope or become complacent.”

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Anon – 5 Stars

Wow! I wasnt sure what to expect going into this but it pulled me in instantly and I finished the book in 1 day. I needed to know what happened next! This is an amazing and horrifying story of a mothers journey to save her daughter from ending up like hundreds of other south African children. It was heartbreaking and chilling. I loved the quotes that were added before the chapters and the way she added the interviews in. Its a quick but intense read and definitely worth it.

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Melissa – 4 Stars

I must say the thing that struck me most about this book was the characterization. Erin, a down and out mother is portrayed in a very real way. Simple things like not actually having money to pay for information about her daughters disappearance frustrated me but it highlighted the fact that this was a struggling single mom, with no access to funds. Her bravery was admirable, but it wasn’t epic heroism, or a mission impossible rescue mission. Erin tried to do as much as she could, but often her hands were tied by the authorities, by her own fear, and by factors beyond her control.

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Lara – 4 Stars

“Angela Meadon is the queen of thriller. I knew this before picking up Strong Medicine as I’d read one or two of her short stories in the past, but Strong Medicine only serves to confirm it in my mind. There’s very little gore, but buckets of suspense and the constant sense that there’s something terrifying about the corner.”

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Elize – 3 Stars

“What a book! At first I was sceptical about the subject matter, I really didn’t think it would be my cup of tea, as I usually don’t go for horror or thrillers, but it got me.
From the moment I started reading I couldn’t put it down. ”

“Fantastically written and the characters are well rounded, a must read for all thriller lovers!”

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Cindi – 4 Stars

“Strong Medicine explores a crime that stems from a deeply superstitious branch of South Africa’s diverse nation: muti killings – and it’s a page turning crime- thriller – family- drama of note.”

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Christine – 4 Stars

“Angela Meadon is a great story teller. I was horrified by this tale which I’m sure is exactly the reaction she wanted in her readers.”

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