Strong Medicine: Coming Soon!

Monkey paws in a street market.
Monkey paws in a street market, destined for muthi rituals.

This past weekend I made a really big, tough decision. It’s something I’ve been leaning towards for a while now, and I’ve finally decided to take the plunge.

I’m going to self-publish Strong Medicine.

Now, if you’ve been paying attention you might have heard me say something along the lines of “I don’t want to self-publish, because I don’t think I can do such a good job of marketing my books.” But there are two major things influencing my decision to self-publish:

I really believe in this book.

Like. REALLY. Strong Medicine is a fictional portrayal of something deeply disturbing to any parent on the planet, the abduction of a child. However, it is also a very real danger for children in Southern Africa. In my earlier years as a skeptical blogger I researched the muthi murder phenomenon in South Africa and Mozambique. Can I tell you something? It’s TERRIFYING! the latest stats I could find suggest that something like 300 people a year are abducted for muthi (traditional medicine) every year. Most of those are children.

It’s scary guys. Really scary. And it’s something I’ve lived with all my life, ever since my mom warned me not to take sweets from strangers because they might kidnap me and chop me up for muthi. Now I have three beautiful children of my own and I am scared shit less that this could happen to them.

I’ve run out of markets to submit to

Well, there are always more markets, but I’ve gone through my list of agents and publishers and submitted to everyone who I think I would like to work with, who might also give this book the treatment I believe it deserves. I’ve had a great deal of very positive, enthusiastic feedback from beta readers and editors. I’ve had New York agents request partials and fulls on the manuscript. I’ve had small publishers I have worked with before, who have a great name in the industry, request partials and fulls. I’ve received a lot of glowing feedback. A ton of form rejections. And some incredibly helpful comments about how I might improve the book.

I’ve made improvements I felt suitable and necessary. And I still can’t find a home for this book I believe in so much it hurts.

And I’ve reached the end of the list.

Well, this isn’t 1980 any more. The market has shifted. I’ve dipped my toes into the water with Dead Ends and Sharp Bends and enjoyed the process. I’ve done a LOT of research into self-publishing. I think I might be able to do this, and I sure am ready to try.

So, dear reader, watch this space. Prepare your eyeballs. Strong Medicine is coming soon.



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