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The Writing Show is a wonderful podcast that I have been listening to for some time now. It is hosted by Paula Berinstein, a journalist-librarian-author whose background is as varied and unusual as my own (except she has a lot more credibility!).

One of the regular features on the Writing Show is known as the Slush Pile Workshop; in it, Paula reads and critiques the first chapter of a work of fiction. I have found this podcast incredibly useful and informative and have been able to incorporate a lot of Paula’s advice in the first chapter of the novel I am currently working on.

I decided to submit the first chapter of A Taste Of You to the Writing Show, despite the fact that I knew it did not meet a lot of the general guidelines that Paula has laid out for grabbing a reader and giving them enough information to want to keep reading (and I’m a little worried that it reads like a prologue…). But, after listening to so many Slush Pile Workshops I really wanted to hear Paula’s thoughts, and I decided to take the plunge, write a log line, and submit the chapter.

This week, Paula covered my chapter in episode 26 of the Slush Pile Workshop. She was very complimentary (Yay!) and to celebrate I am making the first 10 chapters of the story available to read, free of charge, on this website. I hope that you will enjoy it enough to head over to the Smashwords page for the book and buy it, to read until the very end.

All comments and feedback on the story are welcome. I am still learning how to do this thing, and honest feedback is extremely helpful.

I hope you enjoy the story!


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