The Skeptic Detective

Angela is the author of a successful blog dedicated to exposing bad science, medical fraud in advertising and debunking hoax emails.

The Skeptic Detective was founded in May 2008 and enjoys an average of 1000 visitors a day.

Angela will review hoax emails or other content sent to her for comment, and will regularly post these reviews on the SD blog.

These are some of the most popular articles on the blog:

1. Debunking a hoax email about a 5-headed snake found in India

2. Debunking a hoax email about using Vicks on your feet to cure a cough. There are a lot of anecdotes claiming that this has “worked for me”, but Angela maintains that the email is a great lesson in detecting fraud.

3. Debunking a news story about the “Rock Melon” cellphone ring tone which the maker alleged would increase the size of a woman’s breasts.

4. Debunking an email about ants eating your brain.

5. Analysing the claims about water memory made in a “documentary” entitled Water: The Great Mystery.


Angela updates The Skeptic Detective whenever something sets off her B-S detector, check back often.

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