My TBR Pile – July 2016

There’s nothing as exciting as getting new books to read, but I have a nasty habit of accumulating books and forgetting to read them. I’m going to try to be more accountable, read all the books I snap up, and post reviews of those books. This is the list of books I have to read in July:

The Boston Strangler

Release Date: 5 July 2016

Advance Praise

Everyone has a line they won’t cross…Until they do.
No one is what they seem… Katherine Hope Jones survived a harrowing ordeal when she was seven years old. Now she has a good life. A well-paying job, a perfect boyfriend, everything she’s always wanted.
You never know who’s watching… And then she witnesses a ruthless act of cruelty. Watches the guilty get away scot free. Before she knows it, Hope is set on a path that will change her in unimaginable ways.
How far would you go to right a wrong? Those who commit cruelty are on a list. One she plans to cross off one by one. For she is Justice.


Subject 375

cover91974-mediumRelease Date: 6 Sept 2016

Advance Praise

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