My new baby – eFantasy Magazine

A few months ago I signed on as the Managing Editor of a start-up fantasy e-zine, eFiction Fantasy. I have, since then, had the absolute pleasure of producing two issues of this wonderful magazine.

If you enjoy reading fantasy, please have a look at our magazine? We publish short stories, poetry, interviews, book reviews and serial stories.

If you write fantasy, please consider submitting to us? We especially want to support new authors so if you have good work, send it in!

eFantasy is available in our store, on Amazon and will be released shortly on Nook as well.

I hope you enjoy reading the magazine as much as I’ve enjoyed making it!

One thought on “My new baby – eFantasy Magazine

  1. Hi Angela,

    Hope you are keeping well. I recently submitted a short story, Morrigan the Black, for the Dark Fantasy call for submissions, but it has neither been accepted or declined. I am looking to submit it elsewhere too, but eFantasy was my first choice! Can you tell me if the piece is still being processed, or if not, I’d really appreciate any kind of feedback (especially negative! :)) You can contact me on the above email address.

    Thanks for your time!

    Alan H.

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