I’m going to be on the Roundtable Podcast

Around the middle of last year I started running. I was on maternity leave and our new nanny was doing an amazing job with the baby, so I went out three times a week and showed myself that I could, indeed, run. During those winter-morning jogs I would listen to podcasts on writing. As many as I could find. One of my favourites is the Roundtable Podcast hosted by Dave Robison.

Every second week, Dave and a bunch of authors sit down and brainstorm a story. Normally fantasy or science fiction. The whole podcast is a smorgasbord of ideas and skills and wonderful, mic-dropping moments.

I decided I would have to take part. So I submitted my pitch via the website and tried not to think about it.

Well, I sat down two weeks ago with Sam Sykes and Dave Robison to workshop The Dance of the Dead.

We had a wonderful discussion and Dave and Sam had some great insights that will help me bring this story to you.

Dave has been hard at work over the past two weeks and he’s just released the 20 Minutes With Sam Sykes episode. Next week the discussion of my story will drop.

Listen to Sam discuss his work, and prepare yourself for the awesome discussion of DotD, which I’ll link to next week.

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