Don’t Worry, Be Write-y

A Happy ManequinOK, so that heading is a little corny, but I mean it! Don’t worry so much about the coincidental, side-line stuff when you are writing the first draft of your new novel.

I frequent a LOT of online writing groups, mostly made up of people who are taking the first steps along the journey toward becoming an author (like me). One thing that stands out in these groups is how many times people ask questions that shouldn’t really matter in the first draft; How long should my chapters be? Should my chapters be different lengths? Which micro-genre should I classify this as?

None of that shit matters!

Really, the only thing that matters about the first draft is that you write it. Write the whole story down, in whatever order you feel like, to whatever length the story takes. Try and make the plot interesting, try and make the character engaging, but don’t handicap yourself with the thousands of questions that pop into your head to derail your progress.

You see, you are a writer, and you need to write books. You can worry about all the scrappy details when you edit and re-write (and you really should be doing this). Worry about word count once you’ve got the story down and can start working on ways to expand or prune it to fit the industry standard. Worry about the genre when you are looking for agents or publishers or choosing which section of the Amazon store to publish it to.

Don’t loose the creative energy that can help you write that story to the end by surrendering yourself to worry.

Now, go write!

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