Breaking the Wall

break-through-the-wall.jpgJust a quick post today. I’ve been really struggling to write during the past year. I don’t want to say the dreaded “b” word, but I have written very, very little since last December and I’m really frustrated by this.

I have a list of reasons and excuses as long as my arm, but at the end of the day I’m a writer who hasn’t been writing, so I’ve been feeling like nothing.

Well, I have to change that. I really, really have to write.

I have a ton of ideas, a list of pressing commitments, and I have to get my ass into gear or risk making a serious fool of myself.

So this is my public declaration in the hopes that I’ll feel a sense of accountability. I’m going to get writing again guys. A short story by the end of December for The Ed Greenwood Group.

I will also write the worldbuilding I owe Omnicide before the end of the month.

Then I will write a novel. Probably the Ed Greenwood novel. Maybe a thriller I have scratching at the door. It depends on how productive I feel I can be.

I will have to spend a lot less time playing computer games and watching true crime on TV, but that’s okay.

One thought on “Breaking the Wall

  1. In your defense though, well-written TV has a way of pulling you in. I’ve been binge-watching House on Netflix the last couple of days. Curse the internet and its constant distraction!

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