Book Review: Prince of Thorns

This book review is of Prince of Thorns by Mark Lawrence.

October was my birthday month and I got a lot of books as gifts (happy dance!), Prince of Thorns was among them. I had read a few reviews of the book on Amazon and was very excited to have a copy of my own.

Mark Lawrence lived up to my expectations!

The Basics

Jorg is a young prince who watched the savage murder of his mother and little brother when he was 8 years old. He barely escaped with his life, but he is left an empty husk. He is callous, violent, merciless and bent on revenge.

He is the Prince of Thorns.

The Good

Holy Crap! This book grabbed me by the eyebrows and did not let go! From the first page to the last I tore through the story with that feeling you get when you drive past a bad accident. Not because the story is bad (it is expertly told) but because Prince Jorg is utterly terrible.

He is one bad MoFo.

He is not a good guy. He does not turn into a good guy in the end. Prince of Thorns is not a Black & White morality tale, it is deep, dark and disturbing and when you find yourself thinking the way Jorg does before he pushes a man from a cliff you will realise that that is exactly what storytelling should be.

The Bad

I’ll be honest with you, I was a little underwhelmed by the ending. I think that’s because so much changed so rapidly in the final 100 pages of the book that I felt as though nothing had really been solved.

Good thing I bought the sequel.

The Bottom Line

If you are comfortable with having your concept of good vs. evil stabbed repeatedly with all manner of pointy things, this book is for you.

Jorg is not a good guy, if you can accept him for who he is you will love his story as much as I did. Just don’t expect a happy ending.

A high tolerance for violence will go a long way too.

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