Blood Sushi: A Bite of Raw Terror

Look at this cover! It’s delicious!

My good friend and I started a little counter culture magazine last year, Dirge Magazine, and we decided that we’d like to put together anthologies of short fiction. The kinds of stories that make your blood run cold, make your palms sweat, and make you feel thoroughly uncomfortable.

That’s how Blood Sushi was born.

We have well established authors. We have brand new baby authors. Above all, we have a collection of voices that will make you think, hard, long after The End.

In HAPPY SUNSHINE MUSIC, S.C Hayden explores the boundary between dream and reality, and takes a blood-drenched look at what happens when you get stuck in the grey between worlds.

The hunter becomes the hunted in Richard Lee Byers’s HONOR KILLING. Will the shape-shifting bounty hunter escape justice?

Kat Dalziel‘s REMEMBER THIS takes a hard look at how our own minds deceive us when we are confined.

WINDY CITY BLUES, by Joseph Morgado, shows us what happens when “Till death do us part” doesn’t work as promised.

A CULINARY ERROR, By Samuel R George, brings your worst nightmares to life as a babysitter drops too much acid and must face the consequences.

ANXIETY SQUARE, By Joseph Wood, takes that acid trip and slams it straight into your brain. Just when you think you are getting comfortable, Wood yanks the carpet out from under you.

In A SPLASH OF BLUE by Richard Dansky, a detective who gets paid in emotions learns that you can’t buy groceries with remorse.

In HER MOTHER’S DAUGHTER, K.L. Grady imagines a post-apocalyptic future in which our greatest resources are ourselves.

So, what are you waiting for? Head on over to Amazon and pick up a copy of Blood Sushi for less than a plate of sushi!



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