Blogging my novel: A Taste of You

I’ve been working on this little story, which I have called A Taste of You, for quite some time now. It is the extension of my 2010 attempt at NaNoWriMo (I didn’t finish in time) and I thought it would be cool to publish it in a series of posts on this website.

A Taste of You is a tale of the zombie apocalypse and is, as such, full to the brim of violence and adult content. Please do not read this blovel if you are squeamish or easily offended.

If you do grant me some of your time and read the chapters as I post them I will be very grateful. If you also leave me your comments and thoughts on the chapter I will be even more happy.

I plan to only have a few chapters available at any time, but the full story will be available for purchase should this experiment generate enough interest in the story.

Earlier chapters are no longer available here, but you can read them in the free sample on Smashwords.

Some thoughts from my dedicated Beta Readers:

You have a serious talent for writing action, from the initial car crash scene to just about every other skop skiet en donder, you have the impact of a sledge hammer with your narration but the detail and accuracy of a precision tool. You keep the pulse racing and the suspense very well controlled. It is a gift to describe action in such a way that the reader can place him/herself inside the thrill and its clear that you are in your element here.

Alana Potgieter


It was really engrossing and i liked that it was set in my hometown! its quite difficult for me usually to find suspense in books believable, but here it was so easy.


2 thoughts on “Blogging my novel: A Taste of You

  1. Howzit.

    I would realy like to read your story from the start. But the link for chapter 1 sends me to chapter 17.
    Please can you link me to the beggining.


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