A Taste Of You

Cover art for A Taste of You

A Taste of You is a novel about the zombie apocalypse.

Robin is haunted by dreams of her younger brother, Jessie, who died in a car accident a year ago. When the dead rise from their graves, Robin must fight the demons in her head as well as the walking dead to find relief from her guilt and safety from the hungry dead.

I was releasing the novel in serialised form on this website, but now that the novel has been accepted for publication I can no longer do so. Once the editing has been finalised and the book has been released I will be able to provide free copies (in a give-away).

A Taste Of You is now available through Amazon.

Check out the website dedicated to A Taste Of You for insight into how the novel was written, and for news and updates (and a few free stories).




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    1. Thank you Johnnie 🙂
      It all takes practise, I know I need to get better with characters and will just keep writing until I do 🙂

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