A Taste Of You: 10 days from publication

Cover art for A Taste of YouThis morning I received confirmation from Damnation Books that A Taste Of You will be released on 1 December! Only 10 days away. I can hardly believe that my first novel with my name on it will be on shelves in less than two weeks.

I thought I would take this opportunity to look back at how the novel came to be. I hope you enjoy this peek into the life of a book.

November 2010

A Taste Of You was born in the heady madness that is NaNoWriMo. I didn’t finish on time, in fact, I have never finished the required 50,000 words in a month to qualify as a NaNoWriMo winner, but I liked the story so I decided to keep working at it.

December 2010

I printed the first draft of the novel out, on paper, so that I could edit it with a pen. What was I thinking?
I did get a kick out of seeing my name on the top of the manuscript, but I never made it through that first draft. By the time I was halfway through the edit I decided that the story, then about a young woman’s psychological difficulties resulting from the death of her brother, would be way more fun with zombies. I tossed out a lot of what I had written and started again.

I spent a lot of time not working on the novel in 2011. I changed jobs twice, fell pregnant, and generally messed about. I wrote a few short stories which were published in anthologies, I worked on other novel ideas, I was not a very disciplined author.

Eventually, in the last quarter of 2011 I sat my butt down and finished the novel. What made me do it? A blog post by Chuck Wendig in which he scolds writers for not finishing their work. I was guilty and I knew it. Time to get that novel written.

January 2012

In January 2012 I sent the book to an intrepid group of beta readers. I fidgeted and checked my inbox compulsively until their feedback started to filter in. Then I spent a month fixing the issues my beta readers pointed out.

By this time I was thoroughly sick of the book and I put it in a dark corner of my hard drive while I spent time on other stories.

May 2012

I had a baby. No book work for a few months here.

August 2012

I submitted the manuscript to Damnation on the 9th of August and I had an acceptance in my mailbox within 24 hours.

I was ecstatic! I read the email in the middle of the night while feeding my baby and I had to wake my husband up to tell him about it. I struggled to sleep. Not unusual when you have a new baby, but I was happy about it this time.

September 2012

During September I finalised the contract and spent time with Damnation’s wonderful cover artist designing the stunning cover for the book. I am really proud of it.

October 2012

October was editing month. Roberts and I have spent the last two months hammering this novel into shape. My biggest problems were converting to American English, and banishing passive voice.

Right now, we are 10 days from release and I can’t wait to hold this book in my hands. I am so excited!

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