3 Storytelling Podcasts to Spark Your Creativity

I have a rather long morning and afternoon commute. It can take up to and hour and a half each way on a bad day. Personally, I can’t stand wasting time, and my commute provides a wonderful opportunity to work on my writing. Unfortunately, I don’t take public transport, so my hands are full keeping my car on the road. What I do, however, is pour podcasts into my ears like crazy. Over the years, I’ve found a collection of podcasts which I find invaluable for keeping my storytelling juices flowing. Here are 3 of my current favorite podcasts, in no specific order:

Snap Judgment

sj_itunessquare_wnyc_350Every week, Glynn Washington brings you an hour (or so) of wonderful stories, all set to beautifully composed music which reflects the mood of the story it was written for. The stories for each episode are curated around a simple theme, but tend to be wide-ranging. Each story is special in it’s own way. Each story teller relates an event which deeply changed their lives. It’s important, emotional, and moving stuff. I’ve learned a huge amount about characterisation and story structure from listening to Snap Judgement.



RISK-best-of-part111Risk! is hosted by Kevin Allison, a sketch comedian with an interesting relationship with mind altering drugs. The podcast is, once again, stories told by the people who lived them, but they tend toward the sordid. That’s probably why I love this podcast so much. Each episode offers a glimpse into the lives of people who have lived through far more interesting times than I have. From orgies at Burning Man to transgender prostitutes, it’s all here, uncensored and utterly wonderful.

Risk! is not for the prudes in the audience. If you’re put off by descriptions of sex clubs and acts you’re unfamiliar with, this isn’t for you. However, if you’re interested in sexuality, gender issues, or mind-altering substances, Risk! will change your life.

The Moth

2016-06-28 10_55_44-The Moth _ PodcastNo list of storytelling podcasts would be complete without The Moth. I’ve gleaned more story and character inspiration from The Moth than from any other radio show. Each story is true, and the people telling them are coached so that they tell their stories in the best possible way. They are moving, inspirational, funny, sometimes sad, but always fascinating. You can’t go wrong with The Moth.



Do you have any favorite podcasts you like to listen to? Why not tell us about them in the comments?

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